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Cyber3: Thoughts of Humankind in Cyberculture, Cyberpunk, and Science Fiction.

Figures of Simulacra and Virtual Injury in Chilean Cyberpunk: Jorge Baradit's Ygdrasil

Juan Ignacio Munoz

UniversitГ© de MontrГ©al, QuГ©bec, Canada.


In Traversing Digital Spaces (2006), Martin Holz shows how a consideration of trauma may open up a whole new discipline of request in cyberpunk and cyberculture studies, relating the central notions with the body, memory and subjectivity, in a fresh interdisciplinary perspective. One of the most interesting questions carried by Holz is that of the correlation between virtuality and injury. For example , he writes that virtuality could be a way of controlling or neutralizing traumatic occasions, and that these types of events can make a specific jouissance in modern day subjectivities. Keeping these observations in mind, it is necessary to take into account with the socio-political context in which cyberpunk narrative is made, not only in the industrial and liberal democracies (as it is the case in the majority of mainstream cyberpunk fiction), nevertheless also consist of geopolitical locations in order to broaden the scope of feasible virtual trauma studies. As an example, one can question these questions: how does cyberpunk virtuality aid in confronting the collective traumas of a post-dictatorial society? Exactly what the strategies of cyberpunk fictional in the framework of a reinstalled democracy? And what kind of jouissance is produced in the fictionalization of postcolonial shock?

I will to try and answer to these types of questions in my presentation on the Chilean cyberpunk novel Ygdrasil (2005) by simply Jorge Baradit. Post-dictatorship and democratic getting back together are topics that have noticeable Chilean books in latter decades, including science fiction. However , Ygdrasil integrates particular cyberpunk components in this countrywide agenda of trauma. Ygdrasil settles unusually topologies of virtual stress that must be investigated: the possibilities of any vernacular aesthetics of cyberpunk and the dismembered woman human body as a fresh figure of political cyborg.

Juan Ignacio MuГ±oz Zapata

Conference Newspaper

Figures of Simulacra and Virtual Injury in Chilean Cyberpunk: Jorge Baradit's Ygdrasil

I will decide to study the representation of virtuality and trauma in the novel Ygdrasil (2005) by Jorge Baradit. Virtuality, as I will use from this paper, is composed in a series of contemporary illustrations of enhancements brought in simply by computer technology, to a social code of mediation (simulacra), and a certain conception of space (virtual space). In the first portion of this work, I will research the different types of virtuality which offer themselves in the creation of a Chilean Cyberpunk and, with the evaluation of the book Ygdrasil, Let me see which in turn of these adjust the best. Once having determined the virtual implements, Let me continue which has a confrontation with the theories on trauma in Cyberpunk based upon the upsetting figure with the " perras”1. The " perras”, as they appear in the novel, happen to be mutilated women who are sold since merchandise inside the outskirts of Santiago para Chile. This way, by planning to join virtuality and stress in the final section of the first portion of the chapter, Let me discuss the theory expressed simply by Martin Holz in Seeing Virtual Areas. Body, Recollection and Shock in Cyberpunk (2006), on virtual shock: « an equivalent of psychophysilogical trauma which is not only activated in digital space through its agencies and situations but that may be also manifested and served out in that space » (191).

The predecessors in the Chilean Cyberpunk and Ygdrasil

The appearance of the novel Ygdrasil (2005) simply by Jorge Baradit, as talked about by the quantity of Science Hype Studies dedicated to Latin American science fictional, made its mark in Chilean science fiction (Molina-Gavilán, Yolanda ain al., 3 years ago: 387). Together with the short testimonies " Reflejos” [" Reflection”] (2004) and " Exerion” (2005) by Pablo Castro Hermosilla2, Ygdrasil completes the formation of the...

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