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LOW FAT SIX SIGMA: Analysis of its use within the Supply Chain of Coal and oil Construction projects in Western Australia


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Building Dissertation 443

Topic Pitch

Lean Six Sigma: Evaluation of it is use within the provision Chain of Oil & Gas Construction projects in Western Quotes.


A high performing source chain that may be both efficient and dependable is a main contributor towards the success of any construction project (Erikson 2010, 394). To get high levels of performance to become attained there has to be " constant improvement in all of the facets of the provision chain ” (Senthil and Bharathi 2011, 8). With no continual improvement and powerful management the provision chain will cause construction projects to fail because they will not " finish promptly, within spending budget, or by a quality level accepted by customer” (Al-Aomar 2012, 300).

The need to examine the application of Trim Six Sigma to the supply chain of oil and gas structure projects in Western Quotes is due to the location possessing multiple gas areas. The infrastructure and requirements of developing these gas fields is complex using their construction necessitating sophisticated supply chains that are required to run in hard geographic and environmental conditions (Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Affiliation 2014). These factors, combined with the previously stated necessity to enhance output and efficiency, is usually compounded simply by organisations inside supply chain's possessing " many different levels of technical and managerial experience” (London 2007, 1). When this is put on oil and gas construction projects just like those currently underway in Western Sydney, which includes tasks such as Gorgon and Wheatstone, (Budgets that range from twenty seven – 62 billion dollars) the economic implications of not continually improving will be large and definite (Australian Petroleum Development & Exploration Association 2014).

Continuous improvement is a " broad method centred about incremental innovation” (Drohomeretski 2013, 802). Lean Six Sigma is a method of continual improvement that goals " eliminating waste and improving flow” (Cudney 2010, 5). Trim Six Sigma, along with other strategies of waste removing and flow improvement are techniques that had been pioneered by simply Toyota and Motorola (Cudney 2010, 5). Supply stores can particularly benefit from constant improvement strategies such as Lean Six Sigma as they " tend to amass waste and non-value added activities” (Barac, Milovanovic and Andelkovic 2010, 321).


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Slim Six Sigma " can be process and data driven” (Grips, 2006, 1). Their use of data allows for appropriate performance dimension to occur which in turn ensures constant improvement because " efficiency measurement is vital to improve source chain management” (Cabral, Grilo and Cruz-Machado 2012, 4832).

Lean Six Sigma will be based upon the a few rudimentary rules of:

1 ) " Worth – Stipulate value inside the eyes from the customer

2 . Value stream – Identify all the stages in the value stream and get rid of waste a few. Flow – Allow the worth to flow without disruptions

4. Draw – Allow the customer draw value in the process

five. Continuously increase in pursuit of perfection” (Taghizadegan 06\, 49).

The usage of Lean 6th Sigma to operations such as those that happen within an petrol and...

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