Interhouse Quiz Emcee Script Plz Modify Essay

InterВ­houseВ quizВ emceeВ scriptВ

**PleaseВ READВ this: В

pinkВ wordsВ В­В IВ thinkВ canВ beВ deletedВ

blueВ wordsВ В­В changedВ

highlightedВ inВ yellowВ В­В justВ toВ remindВ seanВ

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BeforeВ competitionВ

TheВ interВ­houseВ quizВ competitionВ isВ aboutВ toВ begin, В pleaseВ keepВ quiet. В В


GoodВ afternoon, В andВ welcomeВ toВ ourВ school'sВ annualВ interВ­houseВ quizВ competitionВ ofВ 2014. В WeВ willВ beВ yourВ emceesВ thisВ afternoon, В IВ am …… В

IntroductionВ ofВ housesВ

AsВ ofВ theВ previousВ years, В eachВ houseВ willВ sendВ outВ twoВ teamsВ ofВ 4В students, В withВ oneВ F1, В F2, В F3В andВ F4В inВ eachВ team. В TeamВ AВ willВ beВ responsibleВ forВ theВ compulsoryВ questions, В whileВ teamВ BВ willВ beВ answeringВ theВ quickВ­responseВ questions. В WhenВ teamВ AВ isВ answering, В teamВ BВ isВ theВ supportВ team, В andВ theВ supportВ teamВ mayВ beВ consultedВ atВ mostВ twice. В NowВ letВ usВ introduceВ theВ teamsВ ofВ eachВ house. В

[IntroduceВ houseВ andВ teams]В (ForВ _____В house, В weВ have______)В Let'sВ giveВ themВ aВ roundВ ofВ applause! В

IntroductionВ ofВ judgesВ

AnotherВ importantВ groupВ ofВ peopleВ inВ ourВ competitionВ isВ theВ judges. В ThisВ year, В weВ areВ excitedВ toВ haveВ MsВ Tiu, В MsВ LaiВ andВ MrВ HoВ SiuВ Sing. В

Let'sВ giveВ themВ aВ bigВ hand! В

IntroductionВ ofВ structureВ

Okay, В nowВ weВ knowВ theВ differentВ parties, В shallВ weВ start? В Hang on! В DoВ youВ evenВ knowВ theВ rundownВ ofВ theВ quiz? В

Um…. В No…. В

InВ theВ quizВ today, В otherВ thanВ questionsВ forВ theВ contestants, В weВ willВ alsoВ haveВ questionsВ forВ theВ audienceВ andВ aВ teacherВ­studentВ interactionВ session. В TheВ sixВ housesВ willВ beВ competingВ atВ theВ sameВ time. В TheВ houseВ withВ theВ highestВ overallВ scoreВ willВ beВ champion. В TheВ sequenceВ ofВ answeringВ questionsВ isВ Honorius, В Augustin, В Justus, В Mellitus, В Deuseduit, В Laurentus. В В В


WarmВ upВ

Let'sВ warmВ upВ first! В ForВ thisВ section, В weВ willВ playВ 2В videos. В EachВ houseВ captainВ willВ thenВ haveВ toВ answerВ ONEВ questionВ aboutВ theВ videoВ withinВ 10В seconds. В SinceВ thisВ isВ aВ warmВ upВ activity, В NOВ marksВ willВ beВ awarded. В

Let'sВ playВ theВ videoВ now! В AreВ youВ ready? В


Let'sВ checkВ theВ answersВ fromВ theВ video! В

NowВ let'sВ playВ theВ secondВ video! В


correctВ ans:В correct!В WrongВ ans:В sorry,В itВ shouldВ be….. В В

DrawВ andВ WriteВ questionsВ

We'veВ beenВ doingВ aВ lotВ ofВ Q& AВ questions, В nowВ let'sВ comeВ toВ theВ drawВ andВ writeВ session. В TheВ sixВ housesВ willВ attemptВ thisВ sessionВ atВ theВ sameВ time. В ContestantsВ shouldВ writeВ theirВ answersВ onВ theВ blankВ paperВ provided, В otherwise, В marksВ willВ notВ beВ given. В AnswersВ writtenВ mustВ beВ crystal clear, В unclearВ answersВ willВ beВ regardedВ asВ incorrect. В ContestantsВ shouldВ answerВ questionsВ withinВ 30В seconds. В IfВ not, В itВ willВ beВ regardedВ asВ pass. В ForВ eachВ correctВ answer, В 10В marksВ willВ beВ awardedНѕВ noВ marksВ willВ beВ deductedВ forВ wrongВ answers. В

{_____,В areВ youВ ready?} В

{____,В correct!} {____,sorry,В noВ marks} В

{Now,В let'sВ seeВ theВ correctВ answer} В

CompulsoryВ questionsВ

EachВ teamВ willВ haveВ 500В marks, В plusВ theВ marksВ fromВ theВ previousВ questions. В EachВ houseВ willВ chooseВ oneВ basicВ set, В consistingВ ofВ 4В questions, В andВ aВ subjectВ setВ consistingВ ofВ 2В questions. В EachВ houseВ hasВ 5В secondsВ toВ answerВ eachВ question. В EachВ competingВ teamВ willВ haveВ anВ AceВ cardВ andВ supportВ card. В TheВ AceВ cardВ canВ beВ usedВ onlyВ onceВ forВ doubleВ points, В whileВ theВ supportВ cardВ canВ beВ usedВ toВ signalВ helpВ fromВ theВ supportВ team. В ContestantsВ mustВ raiseВ theВ cardВ withinВ 5В secondsВ toВ signalВ helpВ andВ thisВ cardВ canВ onlyВ beВ usedВ once. В AudienceВ isВ remindedВ notВ toВ yellВ outВ theВ answersВ andВ contestantsВ pleaseВ beВ remindedВ thatВ eachВ houseВ shouldВ answerВ afterВ weВ haveВ finishedВ askingВ theВ questions. В {_______В house,В whichВ setВ willВ youВ choose?} В[repeatВ setВ name]В {__________,В areВ youВ ready?В set_В QuestionВ 1:В ______________________} В {Correct} В

{Sorry.В TheВ correctВ answerВ isВ ____________________} В

{Time'sВ up.В TheВ correctВ answerВ isВ ________________________} В {________________,В pleaseВ repeatВ yourВ answer} В

{SupportВ teamВ please} В

[AceВ card]В {Correct,В bonusВ marksВ given} В {Sorry,В extraВ marksВ deducted} В [Time'sВ up, В theВ correctВ answerВ is … ]В

[PleaseВ referВ toВ theВ screen, …]В...


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