Digestion and Stomach Article

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Diet in Pets or animals

food in simpler chemicals is called digestion.

You have analyzed in Class VI that foodstuff consists of various components. Try to recall and list all of them below: 1 ) ______________________ 2 . ______________________ three or more. ______________________ 5. ______________________ five. ______________________ six. ______________________

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The components of foodstuff such as sugars are complicated substances. These kinds of complex chemicals cannot be put to use as such. Thus they are broken down into easier substances. The breakdown of complex aspects of

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Less complicated substances

et have discovered in Chapter 1 that plants can prepare their own food by the process of photosynthesis but pets or animals cannot. Pets get their meals from plant life, either immediately by eating crops or indirectly by eating pets that consume plants. A lot of animals take in both vegetation and pets. Recall that most organisms which includes humans need food for growth, restoration and performing of the physique. Animal nutrition includes nutritional requirement, mode of intake of food and its utilization in the body.

The mode of taking foodstuff into the human body varies in several organisms. Bees and humming-birds suck the nectar of plants, infants of man and many other pets feed on motherГ­s milk. Snakes like the python swallow the animals they will prey upon. Some aquatic animals filtration tiny food particles floating close by and nourish upon them.

What is the kind of food and mode of feeding in the following family pets? Write down the observations in the given Desk. You may find checklist of ways of feeding given below the Table beneficial. Table installment payments on your 1 Different modes of feeding

Brand of Kind of Mode of animal meals feeding Snail Ant Eagle Humming-bird Lice Mosquito Butterfly House take flight (Scraping, gnawing, siphoning, capturing and swallowing, sponging, drawing etc . )



Amazing fact

Starfish feeds upon animals included in hard shells of calcium carbonate. Following opening the shell, the starfish leaps out their stomach through its oral cavity to eat the soft animal inside the layer. The abdomen then extends back into the human body and the food is slowly digested.

from the stomach and the small is going to, and the several glands associated with the canal including salivary glands, the hard working liver and the pancreatic secrete intestinal juices. The digestive state of mind convert complex

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Fig. 2 . 1 Starfish

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Put into effect in meals through the oral cavity, digest and utilise it. The unused parts of the meals are defecated. Have you at any time wondered what happens to the food inside the body? The foodstuff passes through a continuous cacera (Fig. installment payments on your 2) which begins in the buccal tooth cavity and ends at the trou. The canal can be broken into various chambers: (1) the buccal tooth cavity, (2) foodpipe or oesophagus, (3) stomach, (4) little intestine, (5) large intestine ending in the rectum and (6) the anus. Is it not a long path? These parts together form the alimentary canal (digestive tract). The food components slowly but surely get digested as meals travels throughout the various spaces. The inner wall surfaces 12

Fig. 2 . 2 Human digestive system

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substances of food into simpler ones. The digestive system and the connected glands jointly constitute the digestive system. Right now, let us know what happens to the food around the intestinal tract.

The mouth and buccal tooth cavity

Food can be taken in to the body throughout the mouth. The taking foodstuff into SCIENCE


Buccal cavity Salivary gland Abdomen Pancreas Little intestine Huge intestine Anal area Anus

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