cell phone conversation outline Essay

п»їPersuasive Speech Summarize

Title: Cellular phones

General Purpose: To persuade

Certain Purpose: Following hearing my speech, my personal audience will probably be persuaded that cell phones is surely an existing problem for teenagers that can be solved by simply collecting telephones and education.


I. Attention Getter: There are plenty of various systems materials in the world and they are become necessary factors to make more steady life. People rapidly develop technology, therefore they created TV, the airwaves, internet and computer. The materials linked between a number of countries people, but the primary invention was cell phone. People carry mobile phone every day and it gives some problems in school for young students.

II. Particular Purpose: Teens carry cellular phones everywhere and it should be averted at a young age because these decision and attitudes will affect them for the rest of their lives.

III. Central Idea/Claim: The main problems are cheating in school and texting during driving car. Also, the solutions happen to be collecting the cell phone in classroom and let them know that car accidents are definitely the leading cause of deaths among teens.


I. Main Level # you = Cheating

a. All kinds of information is available during checks in class by school. we. Phones include calculators that students may use during mathematics class. n. Texting each other

Main Stage #2 sama dengan teens driving

a. Automobile accidents

II. Key Point # 3 sama dengan Solutions

a. Collecting the cell phones

i actually. Set a basket ( students may deposit the phones after they enter and pick them up whenever they leave. n. education


I. Cell phone divide individual's attention this means you will lead incident while traveling. Many creators try to invent developed vehicles to treat incident. Some cars are actually equipped cellphone inside. Nevertheless , people need to avoid dangerous behavior to treat mishaps before consider technology. 2. Cell phone may have more different functions, it will eventually make inappropriate crimes.


Bibliography: Ruth Um 'Neil (1999). Mobile phone utilization in school: Challenges and solutions. eHow., 1 .

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