• Porous our bones

• Systemic skeletal disease-loss of cuboid mass (low

bone density)

• Elevated bone fragility-risk for bone fracture

• forty-four million Americans, more than one 10th of the


• One of the common disorders associated with

maturing, although NOT a result of normal ageing

Risk Factors and the Effects on Bone fragments

Typical Loss of Height Connected

with Osteoporosis and Maturing


• Loss of height

• Pain does not occur unless there is a FX. Crack of

forearm(Distal radius), backbone, hip(Proximal femur)

• Curvity of spine-Dowagers hump (progressive


• More than 1 ) 5 , 000, 000 Americans undergo osteoporotic

bone injuries annually Nat'l Osteoporosis


• 24%hip Fx. t result in death within twelve months of injury25%will require long term care institution

Progressive Osteoporosis Cuboid Loss

and Compression Cracks


• Xray, Ultrasound

• Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (Dexa)

LSSpine, HIP

• measuresBMD(bone mineral density)

• Quantitative CT(QCT)-measures trabecular bone

with vertebral bodies

• Quantitative ultrasound studies

Bone Mass Density

• The National Osteoporosis Basis

Recommends you may have a Cuboid Density Test out if:

• Post menopausal over 50 and have in least

one risk aspect.

• over 65 without had a test

• You go through early peri menopause

• You make use of medication that cause osteoporosis

• You may have type one particular Diabetes, Diseases in the liver,

Kidney disease or a genealogy

T Credit score

• A T-score that helps

determine whether a

person reaches risk for

bone injuries.

• A T-score of -2. a few or reduce

is defined as


• The reduced the credit score, the

increased your bone fracture risk

can be.

NOF/WHO Criteria for Evaluating

Disease Intensity

• Cuboid Mass score- the standard deviation in a

person's bone nutrient density (BMD) compared

together with the peak cuboid mass within a young adult of

a similar gender.

• Normal T-score > 1 . 0

• Osteopenia T-score -1. 0 to-2. your five

• Severe (established) osteoporosis< or= -2. 5 with


• About 85-90% ofPrevention


bone mass is bought

by grow older 18 in girls and

20 in boys.

• Building solid bones

during childhood and

adolescence can assist

to prevent

brittle bones later in life.



• Balanced diet high calcium mineral and calciferol

throughout your life

• Make use of calcium supplements to assure adequate

calcium supplements intake—take in divided amounts with supplement C

• Regular weight-bearing exercises—walking

• Weight training stimulates bone mineral density



• Calcium-for mid-life women who are generally not

menopausal, snabel-a least 1000mg. /day

• Post menopausal women which might be on female

replacement-1000mg/day, pertaining to post

menopausal women who are certainly not on female


• Vitamin [email protected] least 400-800I. U. is required daily

to aid calcium mineral absorption.


• The very best source of dietary calcium is dairy


• Some foods, especially dairy food, juices,

and cereals are fortified with calcium and

generally provide approximately 300mg of

calcium supplements per providing.

• In the event that calcium supplements are required in the

kind of a supplement or tablet-they should be taken

in divided doses with meals.

Pharmacologic Therapy

• Biphosphonates (Antiresorptive)

– Alendronate: Fosamax

– Risedronate: Actonel

– Ibandronate: Boniva

• Selective female modulators (SERMs): Evista

• Calcitonin brandnames Fortical® and Miacalcin

– suppresses bone tissue loss; given q weekly

• Likewise require adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D


• Bisphosphonates, a class of drugs that includes

Risedronate and Alendronate, currently have the

GREATEST Impact on INCREASING cuboid density (mass)

and protecting against fractures.

• G. I actually. Effect =esophagitis

• Have drug in AM in empty belly, then hang on 30 minutes

just before eating.

– Remain erect to avoid reflux into the esophagus.

Calcium Carbonate vs . Citrate

• Calcium supplements carbonate

• Needs chemical p to...


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