Essay about Acid Research laboratory

Hydrogen and Hydrochloric Acid Research laboratory

Chemistry 1


The hay should be cut shorter to eight cm in order to make the solid ring can be found in the center of the straw. We achieved the goal, cutting the hay caused the gases to not have to go since far, and meet in the middle.


The debris in a gas are very loose and often move around a lot very quickly. The particles in a solid are extremely compact and vibrate nevertheless don't seriously move very much. The allergens in a the liquid however are definitely more lose than the particles within a solid however, not less than a gas. Materials

Goggles| Apron| Gloves

Straw(1)| Ammonia| Hydrochloric acidity

Q-tip(2)| Check tubes| Hood

Pencil| Paper| pipette

Tape| |

The two dangerous materials being used are Hydrogen and Hydrochloric acid. Glasses, aprons, and gloves are used for protection intended for eyes, skin, and clothes against the chemical compounds in this lab. Procedures

1 . Put on goggles, apron, and gloves.

installment payments on your Find almost all materials pertaining to experiment (Ammonia, Hydrochloric chemical p, test pontoons, Q-tips, ect. ) a few. Put straw on top of tape to secure that.

4. Available Ammonia underneath the hood.

5. Take Q-tip and dip this into the hydrogen

6. Open up Hydrochloric acid solution under the cover

7. Take Q-tip and dip it into the hydrochloric acid

8. Place one Q-tip on one end of the test out tube plus the other Q-tip on the other end 9. Making sure the hay is secure, insert 1 Q-tip into one side from the straw plus the other Q-tip into the other side. 10. A ring should appear, document what you find.


control experiment

Our group will be manipulating the length of the straw in order to push the engagement ring to the centre.


The hay was lower to 8 centimeter long. It absolutely was about several cm in the ring with each Q-tip. Analysis

a)Where performed the stable (ring) come from? What will you consider as the reactants? -The solid engagement ring came from the chemical reaction between the ammonia plus the hydrochloric acid solution. The chemicals put together to...


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