9th Grade Biology Article

Biology Chapter 17

1) 17. you Protists are definitely the Most Various of All Eukaryotes

a. Glide 1: Complex Characteristics of Protists

my spouse and i. Protist

1 . eukaryotic organism that is not an animal, a plant, or possibly a fungus 2. Structure

iii. Long term

iv. Illustrations

v. Classification

b. Glide 2: Complicated Cells/Grouping by simply Nutrition

mire. Heterotroph/Autotrophs

vii. How to Group:

viii. Animal-Like

2 . Protozoans

a. animal-like protist; is known as a heterotroph

ix. Fungus-Like

x. Plant-Like

three or more. Algae

n. plant-like protist; makes its food simply by photosynthesis 2) 17. 2 Protozoans Process their Meals

c. Go 1: Protozoans With Flagella

xi. Zooflagellates

c. part of a group of protozoans that push by means of one or more flagella some. Reproduction

five. Giardia

6. Trypanosoma

d. Slip 2: Protozoans With Pseudopodia

xii. Amoebas:

7. Movement: pseudopodia

d. В temporary extension of your cell's cytoplasm and sang membrane; employed by certain protozoans in movements and nourishing 8. Forarms

at the. member of a grouping of marine protozoans with porous shells made of organic material and calcium mineral carbonateВ e. Slide several: Protozoans with Cilia

xiii. Paramecium

being unfaithful. Movement

n. Ciliates

we. member of a team of protozoans that move and feed by way of hair just like projections farreneheit. Slide 5: Protozoans Deficient Motility

xiv. Apicomplexans (parasites)

10. Plasmodium

g. Malaria

3) 17. three or more

g. Plasmodia Slime Molds

11. part of a group of fungus-like protists that grows within a branching style xv. Cell phone Slime Mould

12. protist with both unicellular and...


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