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Part 4 Solutions

Review Questions

1 . Believe you can be a consultant to Fred's Supports, a club manufacturer that sells the clubs right to customers on the Web. Review Number 4-5 in this chapter, which in turn describes how advertisers select television courses that would be great hosts because of their ads. Present a list of several magazines (other than golf magazines) in which Fred's Supports should consider positioning print marketing to support it is Web sales effort. For every single magazine, publish one section in which you explain why that magazine will be a good advertising and marketing outlet to achieve potential customers of the online golf iron store.

Answer: Responses will vary, but a single magazine may be a travel magazine. Learners might make clear how Fred's golf clubs might be a good choice to take on a golfing excursion.

2 . In about 600 words and phrases, explain right after between consumer acquisition and retention and description two marketing plans that would support a company attain each of these two objectives. Make sure to present facts and reasonable arguments that support the utilization of each strategy for each aim.

Answer: Customer retention is around making sure existing customers continue to keep buying a person. On the Net, buyer retention also means making sure your web site visitors continue to keep returning. Consumer acquisition suggests attracting new visitors to the Web site.

a few. Select a store with which you are familiar that has a Internet site on which that sells goods and services similar to all those it markets in its physical retail stores. Check out the Web site and examine this carefully pertaining to features that indicate the degree of service it provides. Using your experience in the physical store along with your review of the Web site, write a 200-word evaluation from the company's touchpoint consistency.

Response: Responses will be different but an evaluation should consider the next:

The goal of providing the same quality of service is known as touchpoint consistency. The five levels are: awareness (customers who have recognize the company or its products), exploration (potential customers learning more about a company's companies services), understanding (customers who may have completed several transactions and they are aware of business policies), dedication (customers with preferences pertaining to the product; these customers are loyal and are also willing to tell other potential customers), and separation (customers that are departing, or separating, from the firm for any reason).

4. Many people have good negative reactions to pop-up, pop-behind, interstitial, and abundant media advertisings. Write a 200-word letter for the editor of your Internet market magazine in which you explain, from the advertiser's standpoint, why these types of ads could be effective advertising and marketing media.

Solution: Responses will change, but the students might talk about how pop-behind ads continue to be visible following the browser features closed and keeps that information new in the customer's mind. Additionally , a good point to bring up is the fact unlike pop-up ads, they just do not cover the browser windows.

5. In about three hundred words, explain the key portions of technology-enabled client relationship administration and outline the huge benefits that technology-enabled customer romantic relationship management offers over traditional seller-customer connections.

Answer: The real key elements of technology-enabled CRM in order to provide details in response to specific inquiries, identify and respond to certain customer actions and preferences, individually tailor discounts to customer, client's choice of syndication channels, value negotiated with the customer, new product features made in response to customer demands, and client retention is a superb measurement utilized to manage CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. The advantages could be summed as customer-centric. Traditional relationships concentrate on customers as a group, be it natural or processed, not as people.

6. In about four hundred words, illustrate what a search engine inclusion and placement broker does and explain...


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